While using cellular mode, there are a few reasons that can a cause communication failure; please proceed according to the following steps:

  1. To rule out any power issues with the dashcam, check if the green LED is displayed. See the marked red arrow in the picture below:
  2. Check the dashcam's announcement status by clicking the silver button five times in a row (for further information read - Status information (voice announcement).

  3. If it announce that - your "connection mode" is "Cellular", and it is "NOT CONNECTED", then perform the following:
    1. Check that the SIM card (chip) was inserted properly. See also: Inserting a Mobile data SIM card.
    2. Verify that the "Signal level" in the voice announcement is level two or above, you might need to change the position of the vehicle to have better cellular reception
    3. Test the SIM card on another device.

  4. If the dashcam announces that - your "connection mode" is "Cellular", and it is CONNECTED, then follow the next cellular connectivity checks:
    1. Connect your smartphone to the dashcam WiFi: SSID is SurfDash4g-XXXX (4 first characters from your dashcam serial number), and the password is:12345678. Disable mobile data on your smartphone and then check if it has internet access and can access to the internet,
      If the mobile device has access to the internet:
       - Verify that the dashcam was defined with the correct S/N - compare the S/N in the web GUI to the one in the in the voice announcement by clicking the silver button five times.
    2. If the mobile device does not have access to the internet:
      Test this SIM card (chip) on a smartphone - pull out the SIM card from the dashcam and insert it into a mobile smartphone:
            ! - Verify that the SIM is not pin (code) protected
            ! - Check if there is internet access on this smartphone using this SIM while it uses mobile data (not WiFi), 
                            if there a connection to the internet - please write down the APN of the SIM card (see instructions below under the bold text "How to find APN using a mobile android phone")
    3. Test again this SIM card in the dashcam. There are some scenarios that a mobile phone makes an automatic activation of the SIM card.

  5. If the dashcam is still offline and there is no internet access, please check if the APN is listed in the below linked file apns-conf-x.x.x.xml 

How to find APN using a mobile android phone:

  1. From the home screen, tap the Menu button>Settings
  2. Tap Mobile Networks
  3. Tap Connections
  4. Tap Mobile Networks
  5. Tap Access Point Names
  6. Choose the active access point.


        In case the problem persists, please contact our support by sending mail to support@surfsight.net