1. Login to your account.

  2. Click on the Analytics icon on the left bar. 

  3. Select the dashcam you would like to examine or you may select a group to examine all cars within this group.
  4. Today's "Summary Report" will be displayed by default.
  5. Choose a different report period according your interest.

! Notes:

- The table can be sorted using the arrows next to the field name.

- Clicking the blue numbers in the table will link you to the specific relevant report (of this specific car and specific report type).

- Clicking the blue numbers in a specific report (such as aggressive for example), will link you to the event details and the event itself, including view its video if relevant to this event type.

- You may switch manually between the different report types using the report menu (between the main left icons and the report itself).

- Using the Export button on the right, the report information can be exported to an Excel file or choose to print the report.