You may view and download recordings from the dashcam remotely, without the need to physically download the files from the SD card.

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Verify that the dashcam is online - while downloading the recordings, the dashcam requires to be online.
  3. Click the Recordings icon on the left bar.
  4. Select the dashcam you would that holds the recordings that you would like to view and filter fields will appear.
  5. Choose your required period: Time and date and which camera to fetch: Front or Rear.

  6. Click FILTER.
  7. List of the available files according your chosen preferences will appear below the FILTER button:

  8. Click on the file from the list that you wish to fetch from the dashcam, and the fetching process of the recording will begin - a message will appear during this period.
  9. Once the file is fetched, it will be seen on your screen. You may also click the arrow down to download the file to your viewing device.