1. Remove the rom your dashcam.

2. Insert the SD card from your dashcam to the computer (use the SD adapter if required which is included inside the dashcam package).

3. On the SD card, create directory called cm_update.

4. Copy the files of the new firmware into the cm_update directory, you should get the files location from one of our support team.

5. Plug the SD card back to your dashcam - Inserting a storage card.

6. The dashcam firmware upgrade should start and will take a few minutes to complete. The indication that the firmware installation process has begun, will be blinking green and red lights from the dashcam.

7. When the dashcam firmware upgrade is completed, the led will be green.

8. Notice that first initiation after firmware upgrade can take up to 10 minute

9. To check current version, see the following URL.