1. Log on to your account.
  2. Press on Events in the main toolbar located on the left side of the screen.
  3. Choose a dashcam from the list. Event list of this car (if any) will appear on the left (by default - it displays today's events).
  4. Above the list, you may choose different period of time. Only events from this period of time will be displayed.
  5. Above the list there is a filtering icon. Clicking it will allow you to filter the type of events to be displayed. 
  6. To exam an event in more details, click Event Details (written in red) of this specific event.
    1. Event details window will display additional information of this event.
    2. If it is an event that contains a video, you can view the video of this event by clicking the play icon.
    3. You may also download the video file into your local device by clicking the down arrow button in the video display.