There are few reasons that may cause a lack of live video streaming, please verify the following:

  1. The dashcam should be online. A green icon will be displayed like the image below:

                    ! -  If it is not online, please refer first to these guidelines - The dashcam fails to connect to my cloud account.

  2. Check if you can view live video of this dashcam from another device (PC / Smartphone) and using another network (Cellular 4G / Home / Office network):
    If you can view the live video from another device - the issue is not related to the dashcam. Please check your hardware and internet connection.
    If the problem persists, please open a support ticket by sending an e-mail to: 

  3. Check if you can view video of another dashcam:
    If you can video from another dashcam, the issue probably is related to the specific dashcam that you fails to show live video. Please continue reading step 4.
  4. Verify that your cellular SIM card (chip) provides minimal bandwidth (upload) for sending the video - more than 300 Kb/s.
    The cause for poor bandwidth might include:
    1. Poor data of cellular coverage/reception on the geographic location of the vehicle with the dashcam. 
    2. Issue with the cellular package of this SIM card (chip). 

      You can measure the dashcam's current available bandwidth as follow (this test should be done in the vehicle, next to the dashcam):
      1. Connect a smartphone to the dashcam's WiFi. See the link -  How to connect a smartphone to your dashcam's WiFi hotspot?
      2. Disable on the smartphone the cellular mobile data (Force the phone to use WiFi only).
      3. Run a "Speedtest" application and see what is the upload bandwidth results. If it is poor - you should contact your mobile data service provider. 

If the above did not help and the problem persists, please open a support ticket by sending an e-mail to: