1. Login to your account.

  2. Click on the Maps icon on the left bar.

  3. Select the dashcam you would like to view from the devices list. By default, today's trip list will appear between the main icons and the map.

  4. Select the period (time range) you would like to view.

  5. Click on a specific trip from the list view additional details:
    - Its path will be highlighted in blue on the map (other trips are marked on the map in gray).
    - Driving events of this trip (if exist) will be displayed in its exact location on the map. You may click on its icon to get more event information including its video (if relevant to this event type).

  6. Click on Current location icon to switch the map view in order too see the current location of the vehicle (without displaying the trips' paths on the map).
    - To view other trips from the list, select a trip from the list and the map view will switch back to the selected trip.

  7. Clicking on Fence settings switches the trip list and map view to see and setup and update fences for this vehicle.